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2K Polyurethane Primer

Filler, Surfacer, or Wet-On-Wet Sealer?

What are the most important properties for a 2K polyurethane primer ? Filling power ? Surfacing over multiple substrates ? Wet-on-wet sealing capability?

The answer to these questions is: All of the above!

The difficulty is that these properties require different formulation parameters. These parameters have a tendency to work against one another.

What if there was a product that could do all three? First, let’s look at the properties of filler, surfacer and sealer.

  1. Primer Filler: Primer fillers need to have high pigmentation levels for filling very coarse sand scratches. The pigments that are used to achieve this are generally coarse. These coarse pigments are very good for fast sandability and filling very coarse sand scratches, but produce a rough, porous surface. This type of surface can detract from topcoat appearance.
  2. Primer Surfacer: Primer surfacers need to have good application characteristics and be able to be applied over a wide range substrates (i.e., old OEM paint, refinish paint, aftermarket parts with E-coat, etc.). Additionally, adhesion to bare metal should be good for limited area repairs. A surfacer should provide a relatively smooth surface (for easy sandability) while filling moderately coarse sand scratches. In order to achieve this, it usually contains “soft” pigments (talcs), which are easily sanded and provide the smoother surface.
  3. Wet-on-Wet Sealer: Wet-on-wet sealers need to provide the optimum in ease of application and smoothness. They should accept being topcoated with both single-stage monocoat and basecoat/ clearcoat. They should be able to be topcoated relatively quickly (30-60 minutes), and have a “window” of topcoat acceptability of at least 4 hours. Ideally, a wet-on-wet sealer should be tintable with both single stage monocoats and basecoats.

As can be seen, the properties/requirements for the three versions of a 2K polyurethane primer are quite different. Achieving the perfect balance of filling power, sandability, surface smoothness, and application characteristics is a sizeable challenge!

Industrial Finishes’ TRUE Prime TP100 2K Polyurethane Primer has been formulated to provide a perfect balance of these three products into one at an economical cost.

The pigmentation and solids levels are high enough to provide excellent filling power, yet still yield a very smooth surface, which can be sanded quickly and easily.

Also, the application characteristics (sprayability, dry-time, etc.) are excellent. When reduced, a super-smooth non-porous surface is produced, which has balanced dry/cure properties for wet-on-wet application of single-stage monocoat or basecoat/clearcoat.

Additionally, TP100 can be tinted with both single-stage monocoat and basecoat. Finally, for limited repair areas, TP100 will adhere to properly cleaned and sanded bare steel.

TP100 is your filler, surfacer and wet-on-wet sealer!