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TRUE TP200 Primer

The right product at the right time! A product doesn’t always need to be technically superior or have unique properties to make it special. Often, a simple, easy-to-use, highly functional product comes along at just the right time to make it a winner for a product line.

This is the case for new TRUE TP200 Primer!

Multi-Use Primer: Filler, Surfacer, Sealer

TP200 combines several key features along with value pricing to address the need for a “shop-friendly” primer, both in the spray gun and in the wallet.

TRUE TP200 can be applied as a high build primer-filler, a normal build primer-surfacer, and a wet-on-wet sealer. The “standard” mix ratio as a primer-surfacer is 4 to 1 to 1, but the product can be under reduced as a high build primer-filler, or over reduced as a wet-on-wet sealer.

Complies with VOC regulations

To address the need for multiple VOC regulations, the TP200 can be reduced with either standard TRUE TR Reducers or low VOC (exempt) TRUE TR-E Reducers. With these two options, a bodyshop can comply with the local regulations.

Finally, the TRUE TP200 can be applied directly to properly sanded small-medium bare metal areas. Since it contains a special adhesion promoter along with corrosion inhibiting pigments, it will have excellent adhesion and provide excellent corrosion resistance.

TRUE TP200 Primer is available now. Contact your nearest Industrial Finishes location or contact your Industrial Finishes representative for more information.