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RV Paint Products

RV Paint SuppliesRV Paint Products

Our long partnership with BASF allows us to bring the very best coatings technology to our RV and specialty vehicle customers. We work closely with BASF’s lab to develop and test products and techniques that improve production speed and quality while minimizing waste and expense.

Primer, basecoat, clearcoat, fillers, hardeners, reducers, solvents…we have everything to support the vast chemical and coating needs of specialty vehicle manufacturers. Whether you have an OEM application or are interested in repair work, Industrial Finishes is the choice for you.

RV Gelcoat

RV GelcoatingRV Gelcoat

Industrial Finishes offers gelcoat solutions through our partnership with A.Schulman, Inc. Pigments, both paste and liquid, are available for color match. We provide gelcoat primers, putties and even a brushable gelcoat. Our gelcoat solutions are applicable to wood, glass, ceramic, stone, cement, and most metals. Ease-of-use, excellent UV stability, high durability and chemical resistance, outstanding color stability, and aggressive re-coat times are all valuable characteristics that our systems provide. We also offer foam solutions, including marine floatation foam.

RV Masking Supplies

RV paint masking suppliesRV Masking Supplies

Everything needed to mask and prep a vehicle prior to paint or repair is available from Industrial Finishes. Paper, dispensers, transport film are among our offerings. Specialty vehicles and RVs have unique challenges. Let us help source the masking supplies that fit – literally – your vehicles or application.

RV Caulks/Sealants

RV Caulks/Sealants

Industrial Finishes offers caulks and sealants from major suppliers such as 3M, BASF, DAP, SILCO and DOW Chemical.

RV Paint Equipment & Supplies

RV paint equipmentRV Paint Equipment and Supplies

We offer a full line of equipment with installation, training, and service experts on staff.

RV Specialty Coatings

RV Specialty CoatingsRV Specialty Coatings

Epoxies and polyurethanes, wood coatings, solvent/waterborne undercoating, frame/chassis paint, and many more specialty coating products are available to Industrial Finishes customers. The coatings world is vast, and we’re here to help you select specialty coatings that perform while balancing costs and consumption.

RV Abrasives

RV abrasivesRV Abrasives

Our alignment with leading abrasive suppliers allows us to bring customers sanding discs in a wide range of sizes, grits and backings. We offer wet or dry sponges, wide and narrow belts, scuff pads, abrasive sheets, backing pads, just to name a few. Abrasives can be a source of waste, misuse, and cost. We’ll work with your team to ensure that you are getting the very best value for your dollar.

RV Tapes

Masking TapeRV Tapes

We supply masking tape, fine line tape, safety tapes, mirror tapes, butyl, double-sided and VHB tapes in addition to a wide range of additional tapes. Ask us about specialty tapes for your application.

RV Detail Products

RV and Auto DetailingRV Detail Products

Compounds, waxes, tire dressing, ceramic coatings…everything you need to keep the vehicle shiny and new is available from Industrial Finishes. In production environments, choosing the best detail products can help overcome production bottlenecks and deliver vehicles more quickly at a higher quality.

RV Safety Supplies

Paint Safety Equipment RVRV Safety Supplies

OHSA-approved products that check every box are available from Industrial Finishes, including masks, coveralls, paint suits, ear plugs, eye wash stations, gloves, respirators, safety glasses and first aid supplies. Let us put together a customer-specific catalog of safety offerings that fits your team and environment.


The most well respected autos in the world use the same products, tools and techniques that Industrial Finishes & Systems brings to the RV and specialty vehicle industries. These automakers know that their customers demand the best and will settle for nothing less. You should have the same high expectations.

Our systems involve much, much more than simply dropping off a pallet of paint. We carefully monitor crucial cost-per-coach data to help our customers evaluate the total cost associated with painting a unit, including materials, labor hours, re-work and warranty expenses – all factors that are critical to a manufacturer’s bottom line.

In most cases, our systematic approach allows for increased operational efficiency, most notably in line rolls. We know that manufacturers need to produce vehicles that can be delivered quickly and without costly defects.

When accidents and collisions occur, Industrial Finishes offers incredible support for facilities who are responsible for repairs and maintenance. Let us know how we can help your repair facility grow profitably and efficiently.

Are you working with an ordinary distributor or a solution provider? We invite you to visit with us in person to experience the difference.


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  • Lower material consumption
  • Lower labor hours per unit
  • Increased line rolls
  • Higher dealer/customer satisfaction
  • Lower warranty/rework expense


  • Better curb appeal
  • Easier sale
  • Better-looking trade-in and pre-owned units
  • Higher customer satisfaction


  • Improved key-to-key cycle times
  • Outstanding technical support
  • Higher customer satisfaction


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