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TRUE’s Glamour 7600V is A Clear Coat for All Seasons

A Peek inside the Can: Pat Mormile is Industrial Finishes “Green Lantern of Chemistry” and provides product information on the TRUE Glamour 7600V Clear Coat.

What Makes a Great Clearcoat?

Several key factors combine to make a great clearcoat. Some are readily visible and apparent to the user/customer. Others are hidden “inside the formulation”,  and are only known to the chemist who developed the product.

True 7600V Clear has been formulated to provide great “glamour” appearance and be easily sprayable by virtually any painter-experienced or novice. The great application properties are achieved by the even balance of application solids, cure speed and solvent selection. The medium-high solids (41% by volume RFU) allows a two coat application, yielding 2-3 mils DFT.

It’s in the Clearcoat Formula

The unique acrylic polymer used in the TRUE 7600V ‘A’ Component yields a “rapid property development” that allows good air-dry cure characteristics and great low-bake cure response. Also,  the balanced selection of high quality urethane-grade solvents provides an exceptional flow and leveling.

In addition to the great application properties discussed above, the TRUE 7600V Clear’s finest characteristic is hidden within the formulation: it’s the outstanding exterior durability and longevity. This is due to a premium ultraviolet light stabilization package.

This package is a combination of two very special additives: a UV absorber and a light stabilizer/free radical scavenger are combined in the 7600V ‘A’ Component at very potent levels.

These two additives work in synergy to yield an ultra-durable clearcoat product which has up to a ten year life span!!!

This makes TRUE 7600 V “Glamour Clear” TRUE-ly a Clear for All Seasons!

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