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TRUE TR-Reducers – Quality Chemistry in a Paint Can

Urethane Grade Solvents: quality formula is key

All reducers ARE NOT created equal. Automotive refinish primers, basecoats, and clearcoats require “urethane grade” solvents to be used in their reducers. This is due to the unique solubility and evaporation rates provided by “urethane grade” solvents.

These solubility and evaporation rate characteristics provide the proper viscosity of the product, along with the proper application/spray-ability characteristics. Most importantly, flow, leveling and final appearance are greatly dependent upon the quality of the reducer.

The chemistry of polyurethane coatings is complex and requires a very selective choice of solvents in order to perform properly.  Industrial Finishes has formulated the TRUE TR-Reducers with high-quality “urethane grade” solvents, ensuring consistency of performance for all refinish coatings products, including primers, basecoats, single-stage topcoats, and clearcoats.

Generic Reducers can damage 2K Polyurethane Performance

Many so-called “generic” reducers, which are very inexpensive, utilize cheap solvents, which can contain high levels of water and other impurities.

These impurities can disrupt or inhibit the proper chemical reaction of a 2K polyurethane. It might not even be noticeable, but once the paint job goes out the door, it will not perform properly. Furthermore, the best result may not be achieved with the final appearance.

So, do not take reducers for granted. THEY ARE NOT ALL CREATED EQUAL!!! Quality chemistry in your reducer means big savings in the long run. TRUE brand reducers represent the best in urethane grade solvents with convenience.