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Industrial Finishes & Systems is proud to provide our customers with a customizable, online key performance indicator (KPI) tracking portal! In today’s ultra-competitive market, managing KPIs is essential for body shops and manufacturing operations of any size.


Understanding Your Key Performance Indicators is NOT Difficult

There is no rocket science involved in understanding the key performance indicators (KPIs) that impact body shop profitability. Shops who invest a modest amount of time reviewing KPIs will see the impact that small, often incremental changes can make to their bottom line.

Operational efficiency is a crucial element of business growth and greater profits.

Power Bi


Performance Tracking Portal utilizes Microsoft’s PowerBI cloud-based business analytics service. It gives you a single view of your most critical business data. Monitor the health of your business using a live dashboard and access your data on the go with PowerBI Mobile. It’s easy, fast and free.

Performance Tracking Portal provides crucial daily paint & material profitability insights. Let Industrial Finishes show you what the portal can do for your business! You don’t have to be an I.T. expert to use the tool and you don’t want to spend hours deciphering data. Your dashboard is designed to tell a story without complexity.

Our partnership with our customers is much more than a hollow promise. Performance Tracking Portal is another way we demonstrate this commitment.


Stay connected to your data from anywhere, anytime with the PowerBI app for Windows, iOS, and Android. Get at 360 degree view of your business data on the go and at the touch of your fingertips.


• Utilizes information you already know
• Web-based, no special software needed
• Industrial Finishes is here to help!


• Analyze financial insight on paint & materials
• Monitor paint department profitability
• Management tool to budget and highlight areas of concern
• Set paint shop goals and objectives
• Calculate sales and paint & materials sales percentages
• Improve paint shop practices
• Updated daily
• Receive alerts without logging in


Who should use Performance Tracking Portal?

Performance Tracking Portal is intended for Industrial Finishes customers who are interested in maximizing profitability. The Portal is perfect for auto body and collision repair centers as well as RV OEMs and dealership repair facilities.

What information does the user need to get started and for ongoing updates?

There are 4-5 simple key measures that the user is required to provide

  • Total Monthly Revenue (actual and projected)
  • Paint & Material Sales (billed to insurance in most cases)
  • Paint Shop Hours
  • Body Shop Hours
  • Total Repair Orders

These data points are used to calculate key metrics that can be compared against individual goals or industry benchmarks.

How often is it updated?

The system is updated every 24 hours, so your data is always current!

Do customers require special software to use Performance Tracking Portal?

The system is web-based, so customers will need access to the Internet. Performance Tracking Portal utilizes a Microsoft web-based login and is available on most devices. There is also a free (optional) app for Apple and Android devices.

Who sets it up?

An Industrial Finishes rep is available to come in for observation (typically one week). He will work with shop personnel to help set up processes & systems, evaluate products used, and establish the system’s baseline information. This can also be handled easily and efficiently via phone and email.

How much time should a customer plan to spend with the system each month?

The tool is not meant to slow you down! A typical shop may spend 2-10 minutes a day reviewing their data.

Does the user need special computer or accounting skills?

Not at all! The program is remarkably easy to use and designed to tell a story without requiring you to know accounting!

I would like more information on the Performance Tracking Portal


There are a lot of consultants with a multitude of tools designed to help body shops measure their KPIs. Unfortunately, many of these programs overlook the fundamental understanding of how these KPIs are affected by changes a shop owner may implement. They rarely offer practical suggestions for improvement.


Industrial Finishes & Systems has written a free e-book to help you start with a solid understanding of body shop KPIs and why they are important. This brief introduction to the basics is essential reading for any body shop owner or manager.

Of course, Industrial Finishes & Systems is available and ready to assist. We’ve helped hundreds of body shops grow their businesses profitably. Contact Industrial Finishes to discover the importance of working with a distributor who truly cares about your success.