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You benefit from an organization with vast expertise spanning multiple industries and markets. Our team brings technological innovations and best business practices pioneered in diverse industries for the benefit of all Industrial Finishes & Systems customers.


• We do what others don’t, won’t or can’t

• Product training, education and certifications

• Equipment sales, installation, training, service and maintenance

• SOPs and other support services

• Business intelligence and KPI analytics

• Technical support

• Industry-leading product fill rates

• Experts on staff

– Major Paint Lines

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– Marketing

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Your cost of doing business includes much more than price-per-part

SINCE 1958

Any good organization must have an inspiring, shared mission at its core – and it must have capable leadership in place and in development. Assuming these two factors are present, the following eight traits define a healthy corporate or organizational culture.

Openness and humility from top to bottom of the organization – Arrogance kills off learning and growth by blinding us to our own weaknesses. Strength comes out of receptivity and the willingness to learn from others.

An environment of accountability and personal responsibility – Denial, blame and excuses harden relationships and intensify conflict. Successful teams hold each other accountable and willingly accept personal responsibility.

Freedom for risk-taking within appropriate limits – Both extremes – an excessive, reckless risk-taking and a stifling, fearful control – threaten any organization. Freedom to risk new ideas flourishes best within appropriate limits.

A fierce commitment to “do it right” – Mediocrity is easy; excellence is hard work, and there
are many temptations for shortcuts. A search for excellence always inspires both inside and
outside an organization.

A willingness to tolerate and learn from mistakes – Punishing honest mistakes stifles creativity.
Learning from mistakes encourages healthy experimentation and converts negatives into positives.

Unquestioned integrity and consistency – Dishonesty and inconsistency undermine trust. Organizations and relationships thrive on clarity, transparency, honesty, and reliable follow-through.

A pursuit of collaboration, integration, and holistic thinking – Turf wars and narrow thinking are deadly. Drawing together the best ideas and practices, integrating the best people into collaborative teams, multiplies organizational strength.

Courage and persistence in the face of difficulty – The playing field is not always level, or life
fair, but healthy cultures remain both realistic about the challenges they face
and unintimidated and undeterred by difficulty.

Our History

During 1956-1957, Stuart Barr and his soon-to-be business partner worked as delivery drivers for the Autobody and Paint Supply Company. On April 1, 1958, Stuart and his partner decided to go into business together and purchased the company. The company was a wholesale distributor of auto body supplies with sales of $165,000 per year, one branch, and three employees.

In 1967, Barr bought out his partner and became the sole owner of what is now Industrial Finishes & Systems, Inc.



Automotive Division

In 1968, Industrial Finishes opened an automotive paint store in Portland, Oregon, and another branch in Roseburg, Oregon followed in the early 1970’s.

In 1990, the Bend, Oregon store was opened, followed by the acquisition of two more Oregon stores in Gresham and Medford. On April 1, 1996, the 38th anniversary of the company, the company purchased Lewis Distributing, an established a store in Salem, Oregon. A year later, Foster A & F Equipment and Paint Division in Portland was welcomed to the Industrial Finishes family.

In May 2000, Industrial Finishes purchased two additional paint stores: Bay Center Paint Supply in Coos Bay, Oregon, and Full Spectrum Auto Paint & Supply in Vancouver, Washington. Eight years later, Industrial Finishes & Systems bought Barrett Paint Supply in Reno, Nevada. June 2011 expanded Industrial Finishes’ reach to include Utah with the purchase of Automotive & Industrial Supply (AIS), adding three branch locations in Ogden, Orem and Salt Lake City. A new location was added in Logan, Utah as a result of the March 2014 acquisition of S & B Automotive Color, Inc.

Industrial Finishes & Systems continued to expand as it entered the northern California market in December 2012 with the addition of Color Supply in Woodland, California. The company expanded its presence in California with the purchase of Talley’s Paint in Napa, California in June 2013, and again in 2016-2017 in Concord, Fremont, Rancho Cordova, Bakersfield, Oxnard, City of Industry, and Pacoima. A location in Fresno was added in 2018. Again in 2018, the company opened a location in Boise, Idaho, and acquired ABSCO Paint Supply in Lafayette, Indiana. Industrial Finishes & Systems now serves customers nationwide from over 30 locations.


Industrial Division

We provide solutions for coated abrasives, packaging products, load protection, shipping supplies and adhesives. Our Industrial Divisions works with your business to reduce operating costs and manage inventories by combining quality products and consistent delivery of services.

We have been active within the particleboard, MDF, plywood, lumber and OSB industry since 1975. Our Industrial Division has grown in size and scope since then, becoming the world’s largest distributor of abrasive wide sanding belts.

We are able to service North American with multiple distribution centers. The Industrial Finishes’ sales team, customer service representatives and technical advisers have more than 200 years of experience in the panel products industry and are committed to your business and your success.

Beyond wood products, Industrial Finishes provides coatings solutions to several important markets and commercial applications. Our Industrial Division has applied their expertise to helping customers in a diverse range of industries. We work with automotive OEMs, equipment manufacturers, and many other unique industries. Let us know what challenges you face, and we’ll get to work on a solution!

Our leadership in industry solutions helps lower customer costs and improve profitability. We work hard to make sure technical knowledge and training remain a core competency. We associate with only high quality suppliers and hold them accountable for supplying products that meet the specifications called for by industry standards and client specifications


RV/Specialty Vehicle Division

In 1987, Industrial Finishes was approached with an opportunity to support a local motorhome manufacturer. From that opportunity, our RV/Specialty Vehicle Division was born. Industrial Finishes works closely with its specialty vehicle customers to provide training, Just In Time (JIT) inventory, education and product information. Our customers include both motorized and towable recreation vehicles, emergency response vehicles, marine, people-movers and trucking.

Military Division

With the introduction of Automotive & Industrial Supply (AIS) in 2011, Industrial Finishes began serving the military industry. An exclusive military certification made way for Industrial Finishes to become the premier distributor of aerospace and military supplies. AIS is proud to serve the US military as well as customers in Utah and the surrounding local areas and states.


Superior Steel Logo
Superior Steel Fabrication

A key acquisition for the Barr Family took place June 1, 1994, when they purchased Superior Steel Fabrication in Eugene, Oregon. The company has developed into one of the premier fabricators of precision sheet metal in the Western United States. Superior Steel Fabrication serves the construction, gaming, aviation, recreational vehicle, self-service, and solar industries.

Our Mission

To be a company of opportunity, values, and excellence, providing quality products and services through a team of men and women dedicated to dynamic personal growth, outstanding customer service, with core values from Jesus Christ.

Statement of Faith

“As owners of Industrial Finishes, and as followers of Jesus Christ, we believe that Jesus Christ requires His followers to live their lives in a manner that is consistent with the precepts and doctrines (Tenets) of the Holy Bible, which is the inerrant inspired Word of God. As such, we strive to glorify God by being faithful stewards of all that He has entrusted to us, demonstrating the love of Christ by serving our employees and customers with love, grace, and excellence. We seek to operate Industrial Finishes in a way that bears witness to our faith in Jesus Christ and His Lordship over the business and our lives. We accordingly strive to make business decisions based on biblical principles, and our faith in Jesus Christ.”

Industrial Finishes and Systems stands on the core values of integrity, honesty, truthfulness, commitment and the motto,

“What Would Jesus Do?”

With the commitment not only to serve customers and the community with exceptional service, Industrial Finishes desires to serve Jesus Christ above all.

Industrial FinishesStuart Barr, owner and founder, knows running a business isn’t easy, but with faith and trust in the Lord it is simpler.

“Sometimes struggles come and the accounts fail and you may lose money, but because you were trusting Christ you discover there were better things and lessons to be learned,” Barr said.

Industrial Finishes hasn’t always been a business based upon Christ.

“I didn’t have any spiritual goals when I started the company,” Barr said.

After giving his life to the Lord in 1972, Barr sat down with his employees and discussed the new way of business – God’s way. What was logical in the business world wasn’t always the road Industrial Finishes took.

“I was going to run the business the way the Bible would say to run a business. I didn’t know what that meant at the time, I just told them that is what was going to happen,” Barr said.

The company had a fresh start with new values beginning in 1972. With constant prayer and trust placed in Christ, the company has excelled and remained true to the founding core values, just with a more Christ-centered focus.

Barr’s commitment to the Lord and the company is evident,

“We haven’t arrived [as a company],” Barr said. “We have struggles and we have to pray about things. The company belongs to the Lord, we’re just along for the ride.”

Company History








April 1, 1958 - Eugene, OR

Automotive Division Formed
Stuart Barr & his partner purchase Auto Body and Paint Supply.


Stuart Barr buys his partner’s half  of the business, becoming sole owner of what is now called Industrial Finishes & Systems.

Industrial Finishes & Systems decides to specialize in spray painting equipment.


Portland, Oregon

Second automotive paint store opens.


Glue spray technology developed, and patented, altering the making of plywood in the wood industry.

Major Machine Division formed

Motto:  “We are the the Problem Solvers.”


Roseburg, Oregon

Third automotive paint store opens.


Eugene, Oregon

Industrial Division formed, delivering coated abrasives and sandpaper to plywood and particleboard mills in the Pacific Northwest.


Harrisburg, OR

Recreation Vehicle Division Formed

A relationship with Safari Motor Coach began, creating the RV Division.


Medford, OR

Fourth automotive paint store opens.


Gresham, OR

Sixth automotive paint store opens.


Eugene, OR

Industrial Finishes and Systems acquires Superior Steel Fabrication, becoming one of the premier fabricators of precision sheet metal in the Western United States.


Martinsville, VA

Second East Coast distribution center opens.

Industrial Finishes becomes the largest distributor of wide sanding belts in the United States for Norton Abrasives.


Elkhart, IN

Industrial Finishes begins distribution operations for the R.V. Industry in the Indiana region.


Beaverton, OR

Industrial Finishes opened its doors in Beaverton, OR.


Coos Bay, OR

Vancouver, WA

Industrial Finishes acquires Bay Center Paint Supply (Coos Bay).

Industrial Finishes acquires Full Spectrum Auto Paint and Supply (Vancouver).

Industrial Finishes and Systems becomes the largest distributor of DuPont and BASF automotive paints in the Northwest.


Belmont, MS

Industrial Finishes begins distribution operations for RV Industry in the Mississippi area.


Ogden, Orem, Salt
Lake City, UT

Aerospace/Military Division Formed

Industrial Finishes and Systems acquires Automotive and Industrial Supply (AIS).

In Utah, Industrial Finishes still operates as AIS.


Napa, CA

Industrial Finishes acquires Talley’s Paint.


Rancho Cordova, CA

Industrial Finishes acquires Sunrise Automotive Paint


*Industrial Finishes serves customers in 42 states from 26 locations including 21 retail stores.*


Concord, CA
Fremont, CA
Bakersfield, CA
Oxnard, CA
City of Industry, CA
Industrial Finishes expands in California


Fresno, CA
Boise, ID
Lafayette, IN
Industrial Finishes opens locations in Fresno, California and Boise, Idaho
Industrial Finishes acquires ABSCO (Lafayette)


Kathleen, GA
Industrial Finishes opens a location in Kathleen, GA