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Speed Clear Coat

Our newest TRUE product, TRUE 7000V Clear, is quite special. It is a “No Bake-Speed Clear.” This clear has been designed to address the need for spot and panel repairs without the need for baking, while providing very fast air-dry capabilities. It is as close to a “lacquer dry” product as possible, while still yielding TRUE 2K polyurethane properties.

No Baking Booth Needed

TRUE 7000V will be ideal for body shops without baking booths who still want high productivity since it can air-dry quickly and yield top-notch results. Additionally, TRUE 7000V is very cost effective, needing only one activator and having a mix ratio of 4 to 1.

Important characteristics of the TRUE 7000V Express Clearcoat:

• Can be applied over all high-quality solventborne and waterborne basecoats
• VOC compliant: Ready to spray VOC 2.0 #/gal.
• Easy application: 2 coats/no flash necessary
• Fast dust-free time: 15 minutes @ 75 deg. F
• Can be sanded and buffed in 60-90 minutes @ 70 deg. F
• Long term exterior durability: 5-10 years
• Use with TRUE 701VQT Activator

TRUE 7000V Express Clear Coat is available now. Contact your nearest Industrial Finishes location or contact your Industrial Finishes representative for more information.