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Gas-Catalytic Medium-Wave Infrared Curing Systems


Shorter Curing Cycle=Faster Output

No Need to Expand Facilities

Increases throughput of existing booth resources without modifications. This means you don’t have to expand your facilities as this system works with existing paint booths without separate enclosures.

Advanced Automotive Paint Infrared Curing Systems

We are proud that our systems are designed and manufactured in the USA.

  • Full and complete vehicle and part coverage
  • No sticky door tops or rocker panels, full roof, hood, trunk, and bumper coverage
  • Accommodates all manner of vehicles and parts
  • American Made Quality and Maintainability


Full compliance to US Fire Prevention Standards

Class 1, Div. 2 certification

– Does not require enclosures!

– NFPA 133

Fully-Automatic Digital Robotic System is Artificially Intelligent (AI)

  • Advanced system self diagnostic test
  • System is self positionally-aware
  • 11-point articulation
  • Independent movement (top, left, & right)
  • Does not require precise center alignment of material
  • Precision thermal control “Weather Center”

Internet enabled

  • The system can be driven from local terminal or from any PC, iPad, iPhone, or Android device.
  • Operates from iOS, Android, and PC as well as main terminal
  • MSA supported: Minimizes downtime and training

The Phoenix is designed by body shop owners for body shop owners

The Phoenix allows shops to increase production without expanding facilities or adding spray booths.

Hiring additional employees in order to increase production is not always an option.

The Phoenix allows shops to increase production with their current workforce.

The Phoenix is designed for the shop owner who understands profit and ROI.


Modular Design allows for expansions to larger heights and widths for installations such as Trucks, Buses, and RV’s.

Free Standing Rail System does not require support from booth wall. Permits fast, safe installation.

Intelligent Actuated IR Elements may be independently controlled: manual, deactivated, or automatic.

Advanced Servo Drive System for accuracy, reliability, and quality. No “homing” required after every operation. Stop, park, and resume from any point on track.


Other IR curing systems are limited by line-of-sight restrictions. In other words, IR energy can only travel in a straight line. The Phoenix has been thoughtfully engineered to overcome this limitation.

Actuated IR Elements dynamically “cup” the vehicle and parts to insure no tacky points.

Advanced Surface Mapping Technology (PAT PENDING) provides advanced servo-controlled elements side, front, top, and back are fully covered with equal exposure. The system actuates dynamically to expand and contract for coverage of door tops, rocker panels, top and bottom of free standing parts, bumpers, etc.

Our “flying boom” technology follows the contour of the vehicle
or material keeping ideal IR exposure at all times.

No burns, tacky points, or missed surfaces.


• The system uses advanced diagnostics to allow fast field repairs and software updates, providing ease of service and reduced potential for downtime

• System is Internet-Enabled and will email status to users and USAutoCure in the event of an alarm condition.

• US Auto Cure policy is to provide a maximum 48 hours downtime on failure or we will show up on site to repair. We understand the cost of downtime.


The system monitors substrate (body) IR temperatures with proprietary advanced scanning technology.

Throughout a run, carriage will increase and/or decrease speed to insure precise temperature control.

Thermal measurements are available for review after each run.

The system is “recipe driven.” In other words, both automatic and manual settings can be saved and recalled.

Sophisticated sensors allow the Phoenix to determine substrates and adjust accordingly.

Coverage of bumpers to less than 1 foot of the ground with perfect exposure control.


Paint Booth

• • • VS • • •

Traditional spray booths require long curing cycles. Even at “full cure” vehicles are only around 35-40% cured, increasing the potential for rework and warranty claims.

The Phoenix infrared curing system dramatically reduces cure time and results in a finish that is up to 70-80% cured!

The 3:1 Rule of Gas Catalytic IR Curing

For every three minutes it takes to cure a part in a conventional convection oven, it will require only one minute in a gas catalytic IR oven.

For example, parts that normally take 30 minutes to cure conventionally, only take 10 minutes in a gas catalytic IR oven.

Paint Booth
With Phoenix


Traditional Paint
Booth Daily Output

• • • VS • • •

The US Autocure Phoenix infrared curing system allows you to increase your daily output without expanding facilities, adding a new booth, or increasing personnel.

Paint Booth Daily
Output With Phoenix


Paint Booth

1-1.5M BTU;
50-55” Water Column
Pressure Required

• • • VS • • •


The Phoenix requires 90% less energy to operate compared to a traditional booth

Paint Booth
With Phoenix

100-110K BTU;
6.5” Water Column
Pressure Required


Paint Booth

• • • VS • • •



Paint Booth
With Phoenix

The US Autocure Phoenix infrared curing system allows your technicians to earn more per hour, resulting in happier employees with lower turnover and associated costs.

Higher production with the same workforce means greater revenue per technician!


Gas-catalytic, medium-wave infrared curing is amazing technology that is taking our industry by storm. But the science behind the technology is remarkably easy to understand.

Industrial Finishes & Systems has written a free e-book to help you start with a basic understanding of infrared curing and how it is being applied to collision repair.

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