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Norton SpeedGrip Cosmetic Repair Skim-Plus+

We are pleased to announce the addition of Norton SpeedGrip Cosmetic Repair Skim-Plus+ Structural Adhesive to the Norton SpeedGrip product line.  This two-component epoxy is used for cosmetic repairs of scratches, gashes and other minor defects on all types of plastics including TPO, TEO, PP, Metton®, Telene®, FRP, SMC and urethane.  Norton SpeedGrip Cosmetic Repair Skim-Plus+ has a longer open time making it the perfect substitution for our Norton SpeedGrip Plastic Repair Skim-Plus when working in higher temperature conditions or on larger applications.

Features and Benefits

  • No plastic ID required
  • No adhesion promoter needed
  • Mix with spreader




For more information on Norton SpeedGrip Structural Adhesives contact Industrial Finishes  by phone at 800.531.1305 or by visiting your nearest Industrial Finishes Location.  You can also click here to view the Norton SpeedGrip Product Brochure.