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Available in 12, 24, 36 and 48 volts, this could be the product that eliminates many of your battery problems. Since PulseTech was founded in 1989, the PowerPulse has been sold and it has proven over the years to triple the life of new batteries. See more info here.

The PowerPulse is popular with RV owners, automobile owners, off-grid customers, golf cart and electric vehicle owners, forklift operators, over-the-road truckers and just about any other application where batteries are used often and are a necessary component for operation.

• Makes your batteries last 3 times longer than normal
• 4 voltages available – 12, 24, 36 and 48 volt products for multiple battery systems
• Works with ALL traditional flooded, and VRLA (AGM and Gel) battery – Deep Cycle and standard designs
• Exclusive Pulse Technology maximizes power and performance by reducing and eliminating power-robbing sulfate crystals
• Virtually indestructable waterproof design
• Equalizes the cells in a battery and all the batteries in a bank
• 5 year limited warranty

PowerPulse’s patented pulse technology will equalize the cells and triple the life of your batteries. It will eliminate the internal resistance inside the batteries so they can operate like new. Everything works better when the batteries are new and the PowerPulse will keep them that way!

Installing the PowerPulse on all vehicles is one of the most important steps in our Battery Management Program! Ask your Industrial Finishes representative about PowerPulse today!