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WE ARE HAPPY TO introduce a new product from Process Engineering Corporation! The newest product range of PSA backed graphite platens for belt sanders are an integral part of any sanding and polishing process.  They not only help to reduce friction and heat build-up, but they enhance the sanding performance, abrasive life-time, quality, and have better consistency.

Two PSA backed graphite platens product lines are currently being offered:


Heavy Duty HD

This thoroughly tested quality has been designed for use in applications of high heat and pressure. Manufactured with a special graphite coating, combined with the highest quality binding system, it is made to take tough applications.

Three Star 250 Waterproof

The Three Start 250 Waterproof quality is the ideal choice for metalworking and woodworking due to its long lasting lubricating properties. It features an added locking binding system which waterproofs the product and makes it a cleaner product during operation and handling.

PEC offers four standard sizes:

  • 3” x 6”
  • 4” x 6”
  • 4 ½” x 12 ½ “
  • 6” x 18”


Packaging unit:

  • 3 pieces per pack


Other graphite product lines and/or dimensions as well as custom-made PSA products are available upon request.  When purchasing PEC products, you can be assured that they will never compromise on their high quality and consistency standards, a fact proven time and time again by their unparalleled 75 years of graphite and friction experience.

For more information about the complete range of products available from PEC, please contact Industrial Finishes  by phone at 800.531.1305 or visit