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RV PaintTo demand more doesn’t mean to be demanding. There doesn’t have to be anything negative associated with expecting people and organizations to do the right thing. In fact, meeting high customer expectations isn’t just a lofty goal or pretty marketing slogan. In today’s world, it’s a simple fact of doing business. We should expect a lot from the people with whom we work and the companies with whom we do business.

Yet in too many cases, we settle for less than the best. Maybe we think it’s all we can afford. Perhaps we’re used to buying products that are just “okay” rather than insisting on better. We hope to receive the best service, but we accept disappointment.

We should expect more.

No company is perfect. No product will ever achieve a 0% defect rate. Even the best stumble occasionally. I’m not advocating that we stomp around like petulant children every time we get less than what we want. However, I still believe that by working together, we can raise the bar.

For example, we work closely with collision repair centers who are vigilant regarding the latest supplies, tools and techniques. In these shops, technicians, office personnel, suppliers and insurance companies work in concert to provide the highest level of customer service. Simply put, they expect their customers to expect more from them.

We also work with several RV manufacturers. Historically, RV dealers and retail customers have come to expect that brand new motorhomes and towable RVs will need some “attention” before they’re perfect. Repairs at the dealer level have been too common, especially for new vehicles being prepped for retail sale.

The RV manufacturers we work with demand more. They want to deliver vehicles that are not only gorgeous, but also free from costly defects that destroy dealer and customer satisfaction. These manufacturers know the value of a great paint job and will settle for nothing less. We’ve worked with them closely to help engineer production efficiencies that allow them the financial freedom to select only the best tools and materials.

It shows. These manufacturers have consistently seen the largest market share gains in the RV industry. We’re proud to be part of their success.

It’s okay to demand more.

I’m not talking about making unrealistic demands, but not all demands are unrealistic. Settling for less than you wanted or lowering your expectations in order to avoid disappointment is rarely the answer. Working together to provide better products and services is a far better solution no matter what industry we serve.

Let us know how we can help you exceed your customers’ expectations.

Contributed by Mike Duncan

Fall 2015 – Industrial Finishes and Systems is kicking off an advertising and marketing campaign that speaks to this very topic. Below is an example of our first ad, targeted at the RV industry.

IF RV-good paint








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