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Abrasive Discs and Specialties

Whether our customers need abrasive products for cabinetry (both large and small scale), furniture, or even wood and panel processing, Industrial Finishes and Systems has the right solutions for you.

We understand that a consistent finish every time is just as important as having an abrasive disc that will increase productivity, reduce costs, and allow you to get the job done faster.  That is why we offer abrasive discs from trusted companies like Norton, Carborundum, SIA, Merit, and 3M.

For more information regarding our Abrasive Disc Lineup, Contact Industrial Finishes & Systems at 800.531.1503 or email  Our sales team, customer service representatives and technical advisers, have more than 200 years of experience in the panel products industry and are committed to your business and your success. We believe in building strong relationships with our customers that give us experience in our customers’ business, allowing us to understand and assist in their needs. Although we believe in finding a way to get things done no matter what, our values and integrity are ingrained in everything we do.