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May, 2018 – Coy Pfaff, grandson of Industrial Finishes & Systems’ owner Stuart Barr, began his estimated 18-month voyage traveling through approximately 90 countries around the world. Coy received inspiration for this world-wide trip while serving a 4-year term in the United States Marine Corp Infantry (2013-2017). Embarking on this journey in a specially-upfitted, diesel-powered, right-hand-drive 1989 Toyota Landcruiser HJ60, Coy plans to explore areas of the world often untouched by out-of-country visitors. Coy has a passion for history and will tour historical sites and cities as well as representing Industrial Finishes while touring major manufacturing plants for some of Industrial Finishes’ foreign suppliers, including SATA and BASF (Germany), Iwata (Japan) and U-Pol (England) just to name a few. Coy is looking forward to meeting local people, studying a multitude of cultures ranging from poverty to wealth, and reflecting on and learning much about himself while he grows closer to Jesus Christ. We welcome you to follow Coy’s travels via Instagram by searching bedlams_run or through