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BECCA H2O DRY IS THE PROCESS WHICH DRIES AND HARDENS WASTE WATERBORNE PAINT, ALLOWING IT TO BE DISPOSED OF IN THE REGULAR SOLID WASTE STREAM, rather than requiring disposal as liquid hazardous waste. You should test the waste and have documentation on file in case a jurisdiction inquirers.


*All waste should be disposed per federal, state and local requirements

• Reduce Disposal Cost – Dispose of per Federal, State & Local Requirements
• Easy to Use
• Available in: Full Kit – Includes (1) Container, (3) Liners, (6) Bottles of H2O Dry™, (3) Stirring Sticks CD-50, Replenish Kit – Includes (3) Liners, (6) Bottles of H2O Dry™, (3) Stirring Sticks, Replacement Powder Kit – Includes (6) Bottles of H2O Dry™, 84 oz. Container – Includes 84 oz of Neutralizer & Scoop, 25 lbs Bulk Container – Includes 25 lbs. of H2O Dry™ & Scoop.