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WITH OVER 30 YEARS OF LEADING ADVANCEMENTS IN THE PLASTIC REPAIR INDUSTRY, URETHANE SUPPLY HAS DEVELOPED A PLASTIC WELDER TO MAKE ALL PLASTIC REPAIRS EASIER AND STRONGER.  The 6059C Nitrogen Plastic Welder uses nitrogen to guard the plastic from heat while creating a permanent fix with a cost effective and time saving method.

The amount of plastic used to manufacture cars has increased and will continue to increase. Urethane Supply’s Nitrogen Plastic Welder effectively repairs plastic bumpers without damaging surrounding areas.

“There is a big push for body shops to easily and effectively repair plastic bumpers without damaging them,” Industrial Finishes’ Equipment Specialist, Ben Else said. “Instead of buying a new bumper or bumper cover it can be welded, saving money and creating a stronger bond.”

6059-C.main-2Removing a damaged bumper breaks tabs and makes putting the fixed bumper back on nearly impossible. With the Nitrogen Welder it is possible to remove the bumper, fix the break and reapply the tabs allowing for the original bumper to be placed on the car. Ease of operation is enhanced with the small welding torch, making maneuvering a breeze and operator fatigue something of the past.

Glue and epoxies make small repairs difficult, tiring and require a larger break in the plastic to create a strong bond. The Nitrogen Welder makes a small break simple to repair and makes the bond structurally stronger than that of glue and epoxy.

Stop spending excess time and money on small repairs, contact Industrial Finishes’ Equipment Specialist to make repairs easy and cost-effective!

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Story contributed by Emily Brown