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Newark Recycled Paperboard Solutions, now Caraustar, first unveiled their line of recycled products for the construction industry during the 2013 Greenbuild International Conference & Expo, held that year in Philadelphia.  However, since then has had very little recognition or promotion for a truly remarkable product.

The Centurion DetecProtec floor protection system has a special industrial-strength poly backing that shields and protects garage floors and work surfaces from liquids and other contaminants, leaving them stain-free.  This temporary surface protection guards against water, paint, mud, and much more.  It protects all types of surfaces; wood, tile, concrete, colored concrete, marble, terrazzo and stone, saving costly damage repairs.

Additionally, this tri-folded coveringfcp-newark-centurion--detecpro_11251265 (folded dimension is 36 in. x 45. when laid flat) absorbs up to ONE GALLON of oil, water, grease, antifreeze, or any other liquids on the surface of the sheet.  If used under an engine, spilled fluids are easy to spot on the covering’s white surface, helping mechanics or car enthusiasts diagnose what leaking problem they have.  Painters and contractors alike could also have a use for this product, as it can easily be moved around the home while they set their paint or stain cans on it as they work.

So, whether you are a painter who maynewark-centurion--detecprotec1_11251267 be tired of moving drop cloths around a home, a mechanic that needs a lightweight, yet heavy duty detection system, a homeowner who wants to keep their yard equipment from leaking onto the garage floor, or even a car guy like us that may have the small oil leak under our beloved custom, the Centurion DetecProtec is for you.

To purchase the Centurion DetecProtec system, go to our Amazon store, or contact Ross Conforth at,  by phone at 541-255-9908, to get one at a discounted price.