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Training and Education

Let us help you get the most from your workforce.

At Industrial Finishes, we believe that our job doesn’t end when we deliver product to you—in fact, that’s just the beginning.

That’s why we offer extensive support for the products we sell, backed up by factory-trained educators and technicians. In today’s tough labor market, it’s difficult to find qualified, well-trained technicians. We help by coaching up your team to improve their efficiency and your profitability. We ensure ongoing reinforcement by helping you develop important standard operating procedures.

Our approach to training and education span each of the markets we support, from automotive to aerospace. For example, we have I-CAR and NACE instructors on staff to make certain that your team is learning the most current techniques and are being trained on the latest industry standards. For our Industrial/Panel customers, we offer courses such as our respected Sander Operator class. We host highly-respected schools for aircraft painters and even offer courses on basic paint chemistry.

Our approach to education goes beyond product and technical training. We offer business courses, marketing consultation, and social networking opportunities for our customers that are designed to help them grow their business profitably.


Technical Resources

The best products are supported by the best team.

Does your current distribution partner have the technical resources to help you get the most from your products, facilities and workforce? At Industrial Finishes, we realize that even the best products require expertise and support to help you use them to their fullest.

Our paint and coatings technicians are trained by the paint line manufacturers themselves. These technicians are the true experts in their field and are even called upon by the paint manufacturers themselves for feedback and advice. These technicians are backed by our in-house chemist who has secured many coatings patents over his four decades of experience. There is no other distributor with our team’s understanding of chemistry and how it impacts the products you use.

In addition to paint and coatings, we have factory-trained experts in abrasives, adhesives, gelcoat and sealants. Our staff includes mil-spec product experts to support our military clients. We employ experts on corrosion control and moisture mitigation. We have logistics specialists to help you engineer efficient operations and eliminate waste.

Our equipment experts will help you source the best tools and machinery (including spray booths) for your operation. We’re here to support you with installation, training, service and maintenance of your valuable equipment.

When we work with customers to develop systems that are supported by software and technology, we are your experts. Industrial Finishes will never send you to a third-party when it comes to troubleshooting.

When you work with Industrial Finishes & Systems, you’re never alone.