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Eco-Friendly Waterborne Surface Cleaner

Clean, Green & Mean!

The most recent addition to our TRUE product portfolio is the TRUE H2O Surface Cleaner. It has been formulated to provide the optimum surface cleaning characteristics, along with minor degreasing capabilities, much unlike other waterborne cleaners.


TRUE H2O Surface Cleaner is a balanced mixture of de-ionized water and water miscible co-solvents. It contains no surfactants, which could leave a residue on the surface and negatively affect paint application and/or adhesion. It is great as a pre-paint cleaner, removing sanding dust and light contamination, such as fingerprints.


TRUE H2O Surface Cleaner is ultra-low in VOC’s (0.2 lbs./gal.). It is fully compliant in highly VOC regulated areas in both the U.S. and Canada and in U.S. National Rule areas. By balancing the levels of de-ionized water, exempt solvent, and special alcohols, we have kept the ultra-low VOC character, while enhancing cleaning capabilities.


TRUE H2O Surface Cleaner is extremely effective as a flush solvent for spray guns after application of waterborne basecoats. By using a standard surface cleaning spray bottle, which has been filled with TRUE H2O, and “dialing back” the spray nozzle, you can easily flush the spray gun at the cup connection, after basecoat application.

TRUE H2O Surface Cleaner is available in gallons and 5-gallon containers. It’s priced affordably and is a great addition to your prep procedures. See your Industrial Finishes & Systems distribution center or ask your IF rep for more information. And stay tuned for more great TRUE products coming soon!