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TRUE INVENTORY MOBILE is a simple and easy way for collision repair centers to control their inventory and track usage with real-time visibility. TRUE Inventory Mobile is the simplest and most effective inventory management software available!

With TRUE Inventory Mobile, data flows back and forth between your shop and Industrial Finishes. Unlike other systems, our fully-integrated process allows you to automatically create orders directly from TRUE Inventory Mobile.

  • Mobile Focus with Available Desktop Version
  • Simple Check-Out Process
  • Receiving
  • Manually Adjustable Inventory
  • Make “On The Fly” Adjustments
  • Automatic Reordering Based on Min/Max Levels
  • Product Images and Descriptions
  • Real-Time Inventory Level and Valuation Visibility
  • Track Usage by Employee, Work Group, or Production Line
  • Invoice insurance companies in real time with job code

TRUE Inventory Mobile Provides:

  • Single source ordering across multiple vendors
  • Detailed usage metrics
  • Reduced cost and waste
  • Reduced labor / No manual orders
  • Elimination of stock-outs that lead to production stops
TRUE Inventory Mobile provides robust analytics, including detailed current inventory and product usage reports.

Technology Solutions For
Smarter Order Placement


Place orders quickly & easily!

Search & compare products

Approve invoices

Available materials usage reports

Smart phone, tablet & desktop compatible

  • Create ordering lists quickly & easily!
  • Approve invoices for online accounts payable management
  • Get up-to-date account information via secure email notifications
  • Receive order & shipment confirmations on every order, or receive a daily or weekly summary
  • Receive daily, weekly or monthly summaries on invoices and statements
  • Generate accounting reports, including account balance and open/paid invoices, to improve your accounts payable processing
  • Material usage reports are available and sorted by facility, manufacturer or item number – and more

It’s easy!

Training can be completed over the phone in 20-30 minutes. The system is very intuitive and requires very little training. The system is customizable based on unique ordering and inventory processes and can be linked to a specific technician or RO.


  • Free to IFS/AIS customers. Must have a device (mobile or desktop)
  • Reach out to IF/AIS sales rep for access
  • Download app from app store Confirmation code will be provided App will be installed with history, custom order guides and pricing
  • Updates are automatic

Access Industrial Finishes’ broad product catalog through IF Marketplace, our industry-leading web-based order management system.

IF Marketplace lets you:

  • Place orders online
  • View real-time pricing and availability
  • View order status
  • Run reports to analyze purchasing trends

Powerful search capabilities in our extensive product catalog

Save time when ordering on IF Marketplace with our sophisticated search capabilities.
Using state-of-the-art technology, IF Marketplace provides numerous search-assist tools to help you:
  • Quickly find the products you want
  • Compare and find similar products
  • Find related products

With IF Marketplace’s real-time pricing and availability information, you can keep track of inventory supply when placing orders.

Save time with product ordering controls

Build purchasing lists of your preferred and most frequently ordered items—eliminating the need to input product numbers or conduct product searches every time you shop. Simply log in, access your purchasing lists, complete the order and check out in a matter of minutes. The system can designate authorized users who can only order from approved product lists. Users may browse all items if they need to request a special product.

Manage costs with invoice & reporting capabilities

Get the online features and data you need to control costs and monitor orders! IF Marketplace’s invoicing and reporting capabilities display and track invoices for 24 months at a time. Users can also view material usage reports going back as far as 13 months and sorted by facility, manufacturer or even item number.


See For Yourself

TRUE Inventory Mobile Introduction-

TRUE Inventory Mobile was designed to work for you with speed and ease. The system avoids unnecessary complexity and is adaptable to your operations.

TRUE Inventory Mobile Setting Up Employees –

Getting your team on board is quick and simple. You can establish individual employees, teams, or departments.

TRUE Inventory Mobile Managing Items List –

Establishing your current inventory count, max and min, and items list puts the control in your hands.

TRUE Inventory Mobile Receiving Process –

Reduce receiving errors while speeding up your process with TRUE Mobile Inventory’s receiving mode.

TRUE Inventory Mobile Checkout Process –

Easier than a supermarket self-checkout, TRUE Inventory Mobile checks inventory out accurately and conveniently.

TRUE Inventory Mobile IPad Checkout Process –

Tablet-enabled, accessible, mobile solutions are required for today’s business environment.

Introduction to TRUE Inventory’s Invoice Feature

True Inventory Mobile: Creating Invoices/Templates on Android

True Inventory Mobile: Editing Invoices on Android

Copying and Editing Invoices/Templates Browser

Creating New Invoices/Templates on Web Browser

Creating Invoices/Templates on IOS


Browse our catalog and place product orders from your phone or tablet.


Review your place, pending, and filled orders.


Provide additional details quickly and easily.

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