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Commercial fleet repair simplified with SEM’s new Fleet Line adhesives, seam sealer and repair materials. The four SKU line covers a wide range of repairs across heavy-duty, vocational, commercial, and marine fleets.

“After consulting several fleet repair facilities, we built a condensed line to address the vast majority of repairs. SEM’s Fleet Line gives fleet repair professionals the materials they need, without excessive SKUs.” – Larry Trexler, Product Manager, SEM Products, Inc.

Composite Adhesive & Repair is truly a 2-in-1 bonding and repair product for composite and rigid plastics, such as SMC, fiberglass, carbon fiber, and Metton®

Flexible Plastic Repair mends flexible plastics without requiring adhesion promoter. Compatible with polyester fillers, it eliminates the need for expensive skim coat cartridges.

3 Minute General Purpose Adhesive bonds most substrates with a high strength hold in a three minute working time.

White Seam Sealer is direct to metal and paintable immediately with most solvent-based coatings. Can reduce repair times by 102 minutes when compared to non-paintable and non-DTM products.

A New Standard for Bare Necessities

Each Fleet Line product is optimized to work on multiple surfaces and repairs, reducing SKUs and improving inventory. Equipment and accessories such as Fiberglass Cloth, Fiberglass Rollers, Release Film and applicators are available.

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