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SEM has developed three new best-in-class products that reduce labor and waste while minimizing SKUs. (You can skip the reading by clicking here.)


High Build Custom Fill+customfillpromo_sep_2016

Higher film build and quicker coverage for 1K and 2K solvent primers, clear, and color.


  • One SKU for all major solvent paint systems
  • Superior basecoat and single stage hiding
  • Shop floor (NESHAP 6H) compliance
  • Utilize your preferred primer, basecoat, or clear with your activator to ensure proper mix
  • Professional spray pattern
  • Consistent sprayout
  • Comfort tip that eases finger fatigue
  • No clean up, waste, or hazardous material generation
  • 1K & 2K compliant

Compatible Coatings:

  • 1K solvent primers
  • 2K primers
  • Urethane and enamel single stage paints
  • Solvent basecoats
  • 1K & 2K clearcoats
  • Rust Trap™


xxxheaveycleaner_newprod_sep_2016XXX Universal Gun Cleaner

Heavy-duty cleaner that quickly removes solvent-based and waterborne coatings from spray equipment.


  • Removes waterborne or solvent-based paint as well as dedicated cleaner
  • Superior 100% virgin solvent formula
  • 2-in-1 cleaner reduces products needed in collision center
  • Reduces mistakes from choosing wrong or faulty cleaners



  1. SPRAY GUN: Attach the straw nozzle to the spray tip for hard to reach areas and easily blast contaminants away.
  2. SURFACES: Apply liberally (to clean, soft, lint-free cloth) and wipe surface to be cleaned. DO NOT leave solvent cloth on plastic or painted surfaces.
  3. Note: Not recommended for use on plastic or painted surfaces as it may soften and discolor the substrate.
  4. TECH TIP: Clean the tips of stopped up spray nozzles on aerosol cans by attaching the stopped up tip onto XXX Universal Gun Cleaner. Spray until clean.


XXX Universal Surface Cleanerxxxunicleaner_newprod_sep_2016

Super compliant, zero VOC waterborne cleaner that removes solvent and water soluble contaminants prior to refinishing.


  • 2-in-1 cleaner reduces products needed in collision center
  • Helps eliminate static for improved metallic orientation and reduced dust contamination
  • Solvent strong in waterborne formula
  • Exceptional grease-cutting power
  • Multifunctional for primed or painted surfaces, leather, vinyl, plastic, aluminum, and bare metal


  1. Apply directly to surface or clean cloth. Apply enough material to adequately float contaminants out of sand scratches. Wipe dry in one direction with a clean, lint-free cloth, turning and changing cloths often.
  2. If XXX Universal Surface Cleaner air dries on the surface, re-wet and dry completely with a clean, lint-free cloth.
  3. Note: Avoid prolonged contact with bare metal.

For more information on Custom Fill+™, XXX Universal Gun CleanerXXX Universal Surface Cleaner, or any other SEM product, contact Industrial Finishes by phone, 800.531.1305, or email