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DO YOU HAVE OLD BATTERIES STACKED IN YOUR GARAGE OR SHOP or dying batteries that need reviving? PulseTech Products Corporation has capitalized on an environmentally friendly and cost effective solution for keeping your lead-acid batteries working longer – Pulse Technology.

What is Pulse Technology?

PulseTech has patented Pulse Technology as a safe, effective and scientifically validated product that restores batteries and extends battery life up to five times its normal cycle. Pulse Technology not only restores batteries, it also prevents premature battery failure, reduces hazardous waste and fees old batteries produce, thus creating a more sustainable and safe environment.

How does it work?

As batteries sit for extended periods of time sulfate crystals begin to build and cover the battery plates, forming a physical barrier across the plates preventing a charge. Pulse Technology removes the sulfate crystals and allows the battery to accept, store and release maximum power, returning your battery to an environmentally safe and responsible product.

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Story contributed by Emily Brown