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safety_equipmentWe all know that having the right tools for the right job is an important element in providing customers with quality work.  The same goes for having proper safety equipment, products, and supplies.  As an employer, protecting the health of your employees should be a main concern, yet safety in the workplace is a common challenge that many employers face.

With so many choices of safety equipment that is available, selecting the right Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) can be an overwhelming task.  Our sales team can provide you with the necessary information in choosing the right safety equipment, products, or supplies that fit your needs.

At Industrial Finishes and Systems, we have a large selection of safety supplies and equipment that can provide the safety solutions you are looking for.  We offer products such as gloves, respirators, paint suits, air systems, eye/ear/face protection, hand cleaner and dispensers, recyclers, ear plugs, safety glasses, and dust masks, all from trusted companies such as SAS, Survivair, Microflex, 3M, Gerson, Becca, and Omega.

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