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Is your respirator legal according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration?

When working in the collision repair industry, it is of utmost importance to protect lungs from particles and debris. The OSHA has specific regulations and requirements for using respirators in collision repair facilities.

Faulty or improper use of respirator compliances has become the most frequently cited OSHA regulation in the industry. Don’t get fined for a respirator that doesn’t meet the code. Fines, on average, are $630 and can be more based on the severity of the situation (Industrial Safety and Hygiene News).

According to OSHA, all collision repair centers should follow these requirements for using respirators:

– Site-specific written program
– Medical evaluation for all employees required to use respirators
– Annual respirator training
– Fit testing is required prior to initial use, upon facial changes effecting fit and at least annually

Compliance with the OSHA Respiratory Protection Standard could save hundreds of lives and avert thousands of illnesses each year.

Follow these steps to prevent fatal or possibly fatal incidents:

– Have each employee required to use a respirator complete the Medical Evaluation Questionnaire
– Schedule annual training and fittings for employees using respirators
– Include training, medical evaluation and fittings for new employees

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