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Industrial Finishes is proud to provide the Premier Adhesive line of products for RV, Manufactured Homes, Furniture and Woodworking industries.  These products are specifically developed to provide superior tack and bonds for adhering a variety of substrates including veneers, fabric, upholstery, foam, plastics, steel, glass, mirrors, fiberglass, cork tile and wood.

Easy to use
Premier products are specially formulated using the highest solids in the industry, providing consistent performance with a wider range of application conditions. The aerosol package offers a specially designed web spray pattern for even, controlled distribution.

Save money
Premier Adhesive products can be purchased in bulk for spray or roll on application. Aerosols can be purchased from 15oz cans to 400lb canisters. The aerosol system reduces application cost by saving time and material.

Variety of products
Premier Adhesives includes high temperature resistant laminating adhesives, general use adhesives for low temperature or temporary bonds, specialty adhesives for Styrofoam applications as well as white and yellow wood glues.

Surpasses regulatory compliance
Requirements for today’s operating and regulatory environment are stringent. Premier products are designed to meet the highest requirements for state, federal EPA, OHSA and local fire regulations.

An industry leader in adhesives
Premier Adhesives pioneered several industry firsts including the first laminating adhesive that met California state requirements in addition to that state’s first postforming adhesive. Premier was the first to offer a true non flammable aerosol laminating adhesive.

Industrial Finishes representatives are happy to assist you in finding the right product for your needs. Contact us today for products and solutions to improve your product quality, reduce costs, and increase operational efficiency. We’re happy to help!


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