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STRONGSVILLE, Ohio, April 12, 2016 – The commercial coatings group of PPG’s automotive refinish business has added two low-volatile organic compound (low-VOC) epoxy primers to the DELFLEET ESSENTIAL® commercial paint system. The new primers, ESU481 2.1 Epoxy Primer – White and ESU482 2.1 Epoxy Primer – Black, are variations of ESU480, the popular gray 2.1 Epoxy Primer PPG introduced in summer 2015. The only difference is the primer color.

Like ESU480, ESU481 and ESU482 offer exceptional versatility and help improve collision center productivity. Each primer is compatible with Delfleet Essential basecoats and single-stage topcoats. Using advanced PPG technology, ESU481 and ESU482 also display superior adhesion and corrosion-resistance qualities. The primers are also exceptionally flexible and suitable for use with a broad range of substrates such as aluminum, cold-rolled steel, stainless steel, galvanized steel, galvaneal, fiber glass and enamel surfaces.

ESU481 and ESU482 are thin-film epoxy primers in white and black, respectively, that lay down easily with no sanding required. Both offer fast recoat time and quick-drying capability that calls for as little as 30 minutes before topcoating. They can be applied in a 4-to-1 mix ratio and have a four-hour potlife. In addition, their low 2.1 VOC level makes them compliant for all regions of the U.S. and Canada.

“ESU481 and ESU482 are excellent multiuse commercial primers, perfect for collision centers that want to improve throughput and overall productivity,” said J.J. Wirth, PPG brand manager, fleet segments. “PPG customers that value quality and efficiency—as well as color choice—will want to look at these new additions to our Delfleet Essential brand.”

The PPG commercial coatings group offers a full range of coatings technologies for the commercial transportation and light industrial markets, such as polyurethanes, alkyds, epoxies, polyurea, waterborne, pretreatment chemicals and powder coatings. PPG commercial coatings products are marketed under brand names such as the DELFLEET® Evolution, Delfleet Essential Commercial Performance Coatings and AMERCOAT® lines.

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