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The rectangular “slot tabs” found on many bumpers today present a challenge to the novice plastic repair technician because they require a light touch and some finesse to do them properly. This problem is easily solved using Polyvance’s new 6146 Bumper Pliers Kit.

The 6146 Plastic Shaping Pliers Kit is perfect for shaping hot, melted, plastic to form the shape of the bumper.  The kit works like a hand seamer tool, and includes four pliers, as well as bits to match circular or rectangular tabs.


Quickly and accurately repairs torn slots and recessed bolt holes in automotive bumpers.
Increases shop profits by speeding difficult repairs.
Includes 6 different slot tab dies, one recessed hole die, and four sets of die pliers to repair virtually any slot.
Watch Polyvance’s YouTube video here to see how easy it is to use, or click here for the product instructions, which includes a detailed description of what is in the kit.
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