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When you work with Industrial Finishes & Systems, you benefit from an organization with vast expertise spanning multiple industries and markets. Our team brings technological innovations and best business practices pioneered in diverse industries for the benefit of all Industrial Finishes & Systems customers.

Automotive – Serving thousands of customers through a growing network of retail locations, Industrial Finishes & Systems is the leader in automotive paint, equipment and supplies distribution. We source leading-edge products from around the world, and our team has decades of experience with products, processes and techniques to increase customers’ efficiency and profits.

Recreational Vehicle – Industrial Finishes & Systems is an innovative solutions provider to the recreational vehicle industry. We focus on issues critical to the bottom line: production costs, line roll, application errors, inventory control, finish quality, waste reduction, lowering environmental emissions, and safety.

Industrial & Commercial Coatings – Industrial Finishes & Systems is a committed supplier to the forest products industry including the particleboard, MDF, plywood, lumber and OSB markets. Our solutions include coated abrasives, packaging products, load protection, shipping supplies and adhesives. We associate with high-quality suppliers and hold them accountable for meeting tough industry standards and client specifications.

Aerospace/Military – Industrial Finishes & Systems provides specialized products and services from key aerospace suppliers. We’ve earned exclusive military certifications and have decades of experience overcoming the challenges associated with chemical management and application standards critical to military and aerospace refinish projects.

Additional Markets – While these market segments represent a large portion of Industrial Finishes & Systems’ customer base, this list is by no means complete. We also work closely with customers in many additional markets, including marine, furniture and agricultural – just to name a few.

Let us know how we can help you. If you’re in a market that you don’t see represented above, we’re very happy to discuss the challenges and opportunities you face.