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A Swiss Army Knife for mirror repair? That’s what you Equalizer All-In-One-Mirror Toolget with Equalizer’s new All-In-One Mirror Tool.  The MT228 has 6 devices that work on a wide range of foreign and domestic vehicles, featuring a #2 Phillips, T15, & T20 drivers as well as hook and pick devices that are perfect for loosening, prying, aligning & unfastening tabs & snaps.

Additionally, the All-In-One Mirror Tool includes a spring-latch mirror device for removing mirrors on Ford vehicles built after 2004. By simply placing the spring-latch mirror device against the glass at the base of the mirror and tapping the tool with a rubber mallet you can compress the spring-latch and effortlessly slide the mirror off the button.

Best of all, it fits right inside your pocket!  Click HERE to watch a demonstration of the All-In-One Mirror Tool.


Micro Clip Tool

The new Micro Clip Tool is designed to allow Equalizer Micro Clip Toolaccess in tighter spaces to release vehicle moldings from the new smaller clips. The Micro Clip Tool gives the technician the ability to gently push or pull on the small release points of the clip, easily saving the clip and moulding for reuse.  Click HERE to see the Micro Clip Tool in action!

Works on the following vehicles:

Honda Odyssey 2011-Up
Toyota Lexus (2012-Up) CT200 A-Pillar Mouldings Toyota Highlander (2011-Up)
BMW Side Moulding Clip (2000-Up) 3-5-7 Series

NAGS Numbers:

BMW-FW 2092, FW 2101
Honda-FW 3282, FW 3283, FW 3284 & FW 3270
Lexus- FW 3399, FW 3400, FW 3401, FW 3402, FW 3522, FW 3529 & FW3536
Toyota Highlander- FW 2869 & FW 2870

Equalizer® Raptor™

The Equalizer® Raptor™ is a cord/wire auto glass removal device designed from the ground-up to dramatically improve powerEqualizer Raptor of the vacuum cup by the integration of our AirForce™ Constant Vacuum Technology. AirForce™ has been specifically developed by Equalizer® to keep constant vacuum on the glass so that the Raptor™ stays where you place it and it resists sliding better than any product of its kind.  The Raptor™ is a powerful, small, light and easy to maneuver on all types of auto glass. Watch it in action Wednesday, September 7th at

Using the Raptor™ saves you time! No more pumping by hand, simply switch the power on and start cutting! Introductory Pricing now through December 31st!

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