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NACE IS THE NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF CORROSION ENGINEERS THAT SERVES MEMBERS ALL OVER THE WORLD BY PROTECTING FROM AND PREVENTING CORROSION. The goal of NACE is to save the world’s infrastructure, protect people, assets and the environment from corrosion.

International members include engineers, inspectors, technicians, scientists, business owners, CEOs, researchers, educators and students and encompasses more than sixteen major industry types.


Industrial Finishes’ Jordan Lewis is NACE certified and works to ensure effective methods of corrosion prevention, enabling products to last longer and increased customer reliance. Of the two certifications, Application Technician and the Coatings Inspector Program (CIP), Lewis has a CIP certification. The Coatings Inspector Program certifies individuals based on the knowledge of coatings and processes.

“The need for the certification in Industrial Finishes is somewhat limited,” Lewis said. “This segment of the coatings industry is one of the largest and fastest growing, however we are beginning to deal with large coatings customers.”

The tri-level certification process is strenuous according to Lewis. Level one is 40 hours of lecture and hands on exercises taught by industry professionals. At the end of the five day class a 75% or higher must be scored on a 125 question exam. Proficiency is built and tested on five different pieces of testing equipment and covers basic coating types and theories along with application techniques. The secondary level focuses on more advanced theories and coating chemistry. The third and final level is the peer review section in which the student is placed in a room with four industry professionals fielding questions to test knowledge of process and coatings. Questions are drawn from class sessions and over 700 pages of information.

After the completion of the three level process the student is certified and has the ability to sign off on failure analysis reports and testify in court as an industry professional.

Serving 35,000+ members across the globe, NACE International is recognized as the worldwide authority for corrosion control solutions. Offering technical training, certification, industry standards, technical journals, government relations activities and much more, NACE strives to serve people and companies alike. The importance of a NACE certification is unparalleled.

With a NACE certification, expertise is broadened, professional commitment is demonstrated and credibility is earned. Take the next step to certification today!

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Story contributed by Emily Brown