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GYS continues their release of new their product line of aftermarket auto repair equipment by introducing the Neopulse Inverter MIG, the SMART Resistance Spot Welder, the M3 GYS AutoMIG, the GYSLINER COMBI 230 E. PRO and the GYSPRESS 8T.




Neopulse Inverter MIG Neopulse 300 T2

The Neopulse 300 T2 with the double pulse will help you achieve top welding results with all metals. The XL color screen, intuitive menu, and more than 40 synergic curves, guarantee quick easy set-up and operation. The Neopulse is fully updatable as welding wires are released from the car manufacturers. This ensures you have a welding solution for years to come.



GYS Spot WelderSMART Resistance Spot Welder

The SMART Resistance Spot Welder is fully automatic. Just calibrate 1 of the 11 arms available and start welding. No need for parameters in the AUTO mode. Whether it is Mild, HSS, UHSS, or Boron steel, our welders produce the correct weld every time. Don’t guess on the various metals, let the welder do its job.





A 3 gun MIG welder with synergic functions is ready to weld with preset programs for steel, aluminum, silicone bronze, and stainless applications.


GYSLINER Combi 230



Reduce your shop’s cycle time and increase your profit with the GYS dent pulling solutions for steel and aluminum. Easy to learn repair procedures produce high quality results in your location.





Universal air over hydraulic rivet gun system for aluminum and steel, delivers 8 metric tons of pressure. Specially designed to remove and install Self Piercing (SPR) and FlowForm rivets. Rivet dies are available for most car manufacturers. See more of this product here.


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