Serving Since 1958


Who is Gemini Wood Finishes?

Founded in Oklahoma in 1964, Gemini has been dedicated to the wood finishing industry. Serving in architectural, industrial, and commercial wood finishes, they have grown to the entire US market, as well as international markets. The wood finishing coatings could be used for a variety of different products/applications including: furniture, cabinets, wood flooring, and exterior wood coatings.

Products and Performance

gemini2-225x300At Industrial Finishes and Systems, we have introduced Gemini coatings as part of our product supply including: clears, sealers, pigmented lacquers, primers, stains, and more. One of the most popular Gemini products we provide would be the conversion varnish. Compared to leading competitors, Gemini’s conversion varnish tends to have the advantage in clarity, water-resistance, chemical resistance, durability in weather conditions, and VOC compliancy.

Gemini also carries Sirca products for exterior wood applications. As an example, most exterior wood clears on exterior wooden doors will be lucky to last a year until they begin to turn yellow or crack. Sirca’s clears will last 7 years until an additional coating would be necessary.


With results as impressive as Gemini, you can’t go wrong with these products for your wood finishing needs. To learn more about Gemini products, contact our Industrial Finishes and Systems Utah store locations, or Gemini’s website at for more information.