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Industrial Finishes & Systems is well known for bringing advanced products and best business practices to customers in a wide range of markets. We support industries responsible for producing a seemingly humble sheet of plywood to refinishing multi-million dollar military aircraft.

Our depth of expertise allows us to bring new ideas and innovations pioneered in one market to customers in another. Often, technology and process improvements developed by necessity in one industry have direct benefits for our customers facing similar issues in another. It takes an experienced, collaborative team to understand the nuances of our diverse markets for the benefit of all our customers.

Recently, Gary Bray joined Industrial Finishes & Systems as our Furniture Specialist. With nearly 40 years of experience supporting furniture manufacturers, Gary certainly understands the evolving nature of the industry. “It has sure changed a lot, especially over the past 10 years,” Gary explains. “For example, lately I’ve been working with more and more upholsterers.”

These days, Gary sees a recovering market driving his customers’ growth. Gary puts it in simple terms. “Business is good,” he comments.

While sanding supplies, saw blades, and air tools are getting a lot of attention currently, Gary indicates that he remains focused on “rough lumber through finished product.”

“I try to be a complete solutions provider,” Gary added. “Industrial Finishes & Systems has a great product line to support me.”

With his experience and knowledge in the furniture market, Gary is a fantastic addition to Industrial Finishes & Systems. He’s an incredible resource for our team as we continue to develop innovative solutions for customers.

Our deep team keeps getting deeper. And in the end, the real winner is our customer.