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With the push for more economically and environmentally friendly products in the recent years, Franmar Chemicals has met that need. With more than a dozen soy oil based products, Franmar has come stand true to their principle mission – “[to] provide an efficient product that is economical to purchase and safe to use.”

Franmar has now become a leading force in the “green” market for removers and related products. Their “BLUE BEAR” family of products are perfect for environmentally sensitive environments and available through Industrial Finishes & Systems.

Check out these BLUE BEAR products that save time and the environment:

bluebear– 500 MR Mastic Remover – The first of the innovative soybean removers, safe for use in occupied areas like schools, workplaces and other public places. Removes newer mastics, layered adhesives and old glues. Found by contractors to work more efficiently, saves time and creates a safer restoration site.

– 600 GL Coatings Remover – Franmar’s “most-asked-for product.” Easy to use and packed with powerful removal properties. Made with soybeans, it is safe, low-odor, non-caustic and green coating remover. Removes multiple layers of sealers, acrylics, enamels, latex and many other coatings.

– 700 DG Degreaser – An all purpose cleaner specially formulated to work with all BLUE BEAR products. Powerful enough to clean the toughest of surfaces. Makes for easy clean-up after removing mastic, paint and other coatings or adhesives.

– 740 AD Adhesive Remover – This safe to use, eco-friendly product creates easy removal of sticky residues left behind by tape, glue or stickers. Handy around the workplace or any other professional environment.

FranMar products are designed “To get the job done right without harming the planet or your well-being.”

If you have need to remove mastics or adhesive residue, call 800.531.1305 or email Our team of experts is standing by to help you choose the perfect products for the task at hand.

Story contributed by Emily Brown