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METAL GLAZE Ultra is rapidly becoming the putty of choice for the body shop professional and is widely used as a finishing coat over body filler, large panels, or small spot filling. Because of its popularity, we are pleased to announce that METAL GLAZE Ultra is now available in convenient 16 oz. pouches as well as the 30 oz. Pumptainer, giving you more options to purchase this high-performing putty.

Here are some of the features and benefits you can expect when using METAL GLAZE Ultra:

  • Formulated with the Evercoat exclusive ECORESIN™ making it the best sanding polyester putty on the market
  • Easy sanding makes Metal Glaze Ultra the ideal product for aluminum repairs
  • Formulated with ZNX-7® for great adhesion to all substrates

The sandability of Metal Glaze Ultra is unparalleled.  You will be blown away by how easy it sands and how fast you can shape it.

  • Comparative testing has shown that Metal Glaze Ultra sands easier and faster than comparable premium putties
  • Finer grit sanding means no stray sand scratches that can comeback post-paint
  • Save 20% or more by using less sandpaper per repair

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