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Based in Round Rock, Texas, Equalizer provides the foremost service to national and international markets. Manufacturing Auto Glass Repair and Removal Tools since 1986, Industrial Finishes began to sell Equalizer’s top products in 1994.

So what about Equalizer’s tools? What makes them so special? Each tool is made from high-quality materials and is sure to be tested by industry professionals. The tools make removing, repairing and replacement smarter and easier. You’ll save valuable technician hours with better results for your customers. The Equalizer glass removal systems are so easy that training new technicians is a breeze.

For a quick look at the efficiency and speed of an Equalizer remover, watch this short video Equalizer Rock Star Instruction Video.

Equalizer not only makes the finest auto glass tools, but it involves the community and consumer audience in an annual Auto Week in Las Vegas.

The “Pilkington Clear Advantage – Auto Glass Technician Olympics” provides technicians from around the world with the opportunity to compete in replacing damaged glass parts. Veterans in the auto glass industry judge based on quality of procedure, safety, cleanliness and customer interaction. Technicians and specialists compete for the coveted title of “World’s Best Auto Glass Technician.”

This competition isn’t only for fun; it is a combination of competition and learning. During Auto Week, technicians acquire knowledge and skills from professionals in areas such as safety, quality installations and innovative techniques. For more info about Auto Week visit

Equalizer representative, Shauna Davis, sees a “wide range of growth by increasing Equalizer product awareness with Industrial Finishes.” The relationship between Industrial Finishes and Equalizer continues to thrive. To find the leading tools to help remove, repair and replace auto glass, contact your Industrial Finishes sales representative.

Visit an Industrial Finishes store to find industry leading Equalizer products, email Industrial Finishes at or call 800. 531. 1305.

Contributed by Emily Brown