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bg-filters2Because commercial methods such as wood processing, dry chemical production, and food manufacturing (flour and other grains) create fine particle byproducts in their processes, inhalation of these particles can be extremely harmful to those breathing them in and can create a significant fire risk.

Due to our presence in the forest products industry, it was a natural fit for Industrial Finishes & Systems to offer dust collection solutions to our industrial customers. The fine wood particles that were once prevalent in lumber mills and wood products manufacturing were reduced significantly with the use of baghouse filters.

A baghouse filter is a dust collection system used to enhance the quality of air being released from industrial and commercial processes, by collecting dust and other impurities from the air. Our baghouse filters are designed to handle a high-volume dust load, while reducing the amount of particle matters being released.

In addition to baghouse filters, Industrial Finishes and Systems also offers maintenance powders such as pre-coat and leak detection powder, ensuring that your dust collection system is working optimally.

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