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IT’S TIME TO ADD PREMIUM PAINT PROTECTION TO YOUR SERVICE OFFERINGS. DuraShield TitanXT is a premium paint protection film to extend the lifetime of your car’s paint and appearance. Made from a urethane film, TitanXT promises eight different Titan Advantages and six unique features and benefits. With a 10 year warranty, TitanXT is the top choice for paint protecting shields.

The Titan Advantage for Dealerships, Detail Shops, and Collision Repair Pros:

  • Premium paint protection film is clear, smooth and glossy, resistant to chemicals, stains, punctures and scuffs and instillation time is significantly shorter than other shields.
  • Multiple training solutions change daily for diversity while being taught by professional instructors.
  • Patterns and software equip customers and installers with film and vinyl design patterns and patterns for wrap; all patterns are fully editable.
  • Equipment and installation tools including Roland GX Pro cutters, replacement cutter blades and strips, knives, squeegees and Teflon tape, a portable steamer and Easy On application gel.
  • Professional marketing materials such as consumer videos, pamphlets, banners, decals and displays.
  • Client website resources and referrals offer a dedicated responsive website, sales videos, instillation videos and technical support.
  • Honors program promotes purchases with earned points, promotional apparel, gift cards and sales tools.
  • 10 year warranty assures customers with peace of mind, product care cards and online warranty registration.

Features and Benefits:

  • Unmatched chemical resistance blocking all environmental hazards and fully resistant to harsh chemicals.
  • Exceptional puncture resistance guards from damage caused by rocks and other road hazards, surpassing all other paint protection films.
  • Enduring optical clarity keeps high gloss levels looking brand new start to finish and blocks UV inhibitors that would change the clarity and look.
  • Continuous stain resistance prevents the damages of bug splats, water spots, bird droppings and road tar while providing effortless clean-up.
  • Repels scuffs and scratches with heat induced self-healing for minor scratches and easily buffed deeper scratches.
  • Hassle-free professional installation is simple and easy to install with a low friction surface, quick bonding edge seals and re-positionable adhesive to allow for adjustments.

If you are interested in offering this amazing service to your customers, contact your Industrial Finishes sales representative, call 800.531.1305 or email

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Story contributed by Emily Brown