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Virucidal Agents Protect Against Virus

Industrial Finishes and Systems is committed to providing our customers the best service and support with as few interruptions as possible during these times of uncertainty and challenge. To that end, we have products which address the disinfection of people, places, and things against the COVID-19 virus. These products are known as “virucidal agents.”

There are three primary chemical weapons in the arsenal which are very effective in killing a virus like COVID-19. They are: Alcohol based products, Quaternary Ammonium Salt based products, and Chlorine based products. Let’s take a closer look at each of these chemistries separately.


Alcohol-Based Products

These products are commonly seen as hand sanitizers. Usually, they are a minimum of 70% alcohol in water with a “thickener” (like aloe vera) to make them “hand friendly.” These products can be based upon either isopropyl alcohol or ethyl alcohol. Ethyl alcohol is especially effective. There is evidence that alcohols attack the lipids (fats) in the membrane of the virus’s cell walls, deactivating the virus.


Quaternary Ammonium Salt-Based Products

These products are most widely seen as disinfectant wipes or sprayable surface disinfectants. Usually, they are ammonium chloride salts. There is evidence to support the mode of action as disruption of a virus cell membrane and deactivation of energy producing enzymes.

Large-Scale Disinfectant

Chlorine-Based Products

Undoubtedly, chlorine-based disinfectants are the “nuclear weapon” against microorganisms. These products are most prevalent as aqueous solutions (5.25%-6.15% sodium hypochlorite), commonly known as household bleach. There are however other delivery mechanisms based on chlorine dioxide which are more effective in large scale work environments. Interestingly, the exact mechanism by which chlorine destroys microorganisms has not been elucidated. Suffice it to say that it oxidizes and tears apart a virus.

Conclusion: How to Kill Covid in Workplace

We have at least three very effective weapons to kill COVID-19; both on our hands and in our work environments. Industrial Finishes and Systems has products in each of the three categories discussed in this bulletin and we are ready to help you make you and your workplace safer!

And remember to WASH YOUR HANDS!