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disinfect covid-19​To help prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus, precautions should be taken to apply disinfectant on vehicles as they arrive at body shops for estimates and/or repairs. Shops will need ask permission from customers before applying disinfectant to vehicles and verify that they don’t have any chemical allergies or sensitivity to the disinfectant being applied.

Shop employees should wear gloves, safety glasses, long sleeves and a respirator to protect themselves while applying disinfectant to vehicles. Gloves should be properly disposed of immediately after use to prevent cross contamination. Employees should avoid touching their faces while wearing gloves and should wash their hands immediately after removing them.

Use only EPA registered disinfectant products (Refer to the List N for verification). Follow all manufacturer instructions for proper disinfectant use. Verify that the product is safe for use on the surface where the disinfectant is being applied.

Apply disinfectant to all exterior and interior contact points on the vehicle. This process should be repeated at time of vehicle return to the customer.


  • Keys / Key FOB
  • Door, Trunk, Liftgate or Tailgate Handles
  • Front Hood Edge / Release Lever
  • Fuel Door / Gas Cap


  • Seats, Seat Belts and Seat Adjustment Levers
  • Steering Wheel, Turn Signal and Wiper Control Levers
  • Door Handles, Armrests, Window and Lock Controls
  • Hood / Gas Door Release Levers • Shift Lever / Emergency Brake Lever
  • Radio Controls
  • Climate Controls and Vents
  • Cup Holders / Center Console
  • Glove Compartment


  • Get Customer Permission before Applying Disinfectant
  • Wear appropriate PPE
  • Use Only EPA Registered (N List) Disinfectant Products
  • Follow all manufacturer instructions for proper disinfectant use
  • Verify that disinfectant is safe to use on surface where it is being applied
  • Apply to all exterior touch points
  • Apply to all interior touch points
  • Avoid cross contamination
    • Properly dispose of used PPE
    • Wash Hands immediately after removal of gloves
  • Repeat process at time of vehicle return to customer

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