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Ceramic Sealants provides real innovation with HydroSilex Recharge

Waxes and polishes have been used for over two hundred years to provide an added level of protection to cured paint. The first wax was developed in Germany in 1800 from animal fats and was used to protect a “lacquer-like” paint, which was used on horse carriages.

Without a doubt, the technology of waxes and polishes has a come a long way since 1800. But basically, the existing products of today do the same thing. They provide a certain degree of water repellency and added shine to the paint job. Their “protective value” is very limited, and they are highly temporary. They can be washed off quite easily, especially in today’s extremely aggressive car washes.

In the past 3 years, a new class of paint protectant, which is not a wax or polish, has come along and is gaining in popularity due to its ease of application and it’s “protective value”. This class of product is being called a “Ceramic” and acts much like an additional coating layer over the existing paint job. Recharge

What are these Ceramic Sealants?

The word ceramic usually designates an inorganic crystalline oxide, and in the case of these sealants, it is a silicone oxide that is present in the product. There are “inorganic nano-clusters” of Si-O-Si-O-Si ……. combined in a three dimensional matrix, making the product extremely hard and chemically resistant (similar to glass). This same type of chemistry is used in the heat shielding panels for spacecraft!

What can these Ceramic Sealants do?

The capability and performance of the “Ceramic” sealants is impressive. They actually “bond” to the paint surface, to provide Super Water Repellency (SWR). Along with this SWR, the sealant/coating is resistant to UV (sunlight), dirt, acid rain, and environmental pollution (bird droppings, bee pollen, etc.). Additionally, a slight increase in gloss may be observed. Considering that when properly applied, these “Ceramics” are only 5 microns thick (one-fifth of a mil), the performance is exceptional.

How long does a typical application of the “Ceramic” sealant last ? Under normal “wear and tear” of driving, car washing, etc., a typical application will last 6-8 months, and then, the product can be re-applied.

Who can apply Ceramic Sealants?

Most commercial “Ceramic” sealant products can be applied by the normal consumer. It should be noted, that the existing paint job on the vehicle should be fully cured.


Recently, Industrial Finishes and Systems launched a “Ceramic” Sealant/Coating product. It was initially tested and approved by Jeff Henderson and the AIS Team in Utah.

The product is named HYDROSILEX and it is manufactured here in the United States. It comes in two strengths; the regular strength product is called Hydrosilex Recharge and the high-strength product is Hydrosilex Marine.

These products are great for large projects and shop use. HydroSilex Recharge is a universal product that protects virtually any type of surface. The installation is extremely easy and once cured, it creates a transparent top layer that adds gloss and protects the substrate from the elements. HydroSilex Recharge can be used as a stand alone product or as a maintenance coating to revitalize other ceramic coating brands. HydroSilex is so simple to use that you do not need to be certified to apply.