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Tell us what color Bogi should paint the Chevy Montage!

Bogi wants YOU to pick the color of the Chevy Montage! Cast your vote and let us know which color is your favorite!
The poll will only be open until April 15, 2017, so choose your favorite color for the Montage now from the choices to the right!

BASF & Bogi

BASF has partnered up with Bogi Lateiner, co-host of “All Girls Garage” on Velocity TV and owner of award-winning auto repair shop, 180° Automotive, to celebrate women in the automotive industry with the full restoration of a vintage Chevy truck, known as the Chevy Montage.
The completely restored truck will be unveiled at the 2017 SEMA show in Las Vegas, NV, after being painted with the R-M custom color selected by Bogi’s fans and followers – YOU!

About the Project

The Chevy Montage is a frame off resto-mod of a 1957 Chevy Truck that will be powered by a BMW M-5 engine. The name “Montage” was chosen for the build due to its the unique combination of a vintage truck powered by a modern euro engine, as well as representing the collaboration of women from all over the country contributing to the success of the project.


Find out More

You can head over to BASF to find out more on Bogi Lateiner and her team HERE.  While you’re there, vote for the color they should paint the Chevy Montage!  Want even more? Check out Bogi’s website or even Indigogo’s video introducing Bogi and her philosophy on women in the Automotive Industry.  She’s an inspiration to us all.