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Are you still using Premier Adhesives 30lb adhesive canister?  Are you tired of wasting your time switching canisters?  Well, Industrial Finishes and Systems is happy to announce that Premier Adhesives will be offering a new 140lb canister to ease your pain and save you time!  Starting January 1, 2016, customers who switch from 30lb adhesive canisters will receive:

  • One hand dolly
  • One 25ft hose
  • One gun
  • One bungee cordAdhesives, Canisters, 140lbs, sustainability, RV Industry Ahesives, spefically formulated, bonding, canister-packaged products, automotive, panel bonding, marine, RV, Heat and moisture resistant, low VOC, High Solids, High Strength bonding, excellent tack, non-flammable, HAPS-free, Aero ODS, State Regulations, Local Regulations, easy to use, portable, less inventory, cost savings, responsibility, Green,

Not only will these components help to facilitate an easier application, but there is no cost to you for switching!  Still not convinced?  Not only are the canisters easy to use and portable, but having a larger canister results in having less inventory, and a typical customer will see a per-pound cost savings when switching from a 30 lb. canister to a 140 lb. canister.

In addition, you are also helping us become more environmentally friendly and continuing our mission in becoming more sustainable in our endeavors, all while you save money!

Industrial Finishes, being in the forefront of their industry, and known for exceeding customer expectations, is committed to the protection of our environment. This commitment to “Solutions for a Cleaner World” has led to a featured assortment of selected Premier Adhesives products with desired characteristics that include HAPS-free, Aero ODS, Low VOC content and conform to State and Local regulations.

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