Serving Since 1958

The BASF COLOR-MAX® color matching system

has risen to the top as the best color tool in the market, with new updates coming out regularly and a new app to improve tracking and delivery accuracy.

The new Color Tool Tracking App is the best way to keep track of all of your updates for your COLOR-MAX color matching system. Its ease of use combined with its advanced functionality make it the perfect tool for your color matching needs.

The Color Tool Tracking App is essential for receiving your updates and keeping track of your color tools. The application allows you to easily enter in all of the relevant information electronically and ensures that you are using your cabinet to its full potential. You can track updates, register cabinets, register spectrophotometers, edit cabinet information and even select where you want your updates to be shipped.
Use the link below to access the Color Tool Tracking App Training Documentation to get started or contact Industrial Finishes  by phone at 800.531.1305 or by visiting your nearest Industrial Finishes Location.