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The Au-ve-co system is the very best way to manage automotive clips and fasteners to ensure that insurance providers are paying you for these critical repair components.

Industrial Finishes & Systems has experts on staff to set up the system and help you manage it effectively.

WHY AU-VE-CO Automotive Clips & Fasteners?

  • automotive clipReduce Waste
  • Improve Profitability
  • Highly-Organized System
  • Easy-To-Use and Maintain
  • Saves Time
  • Industrial Finishes Set-Up and Ongoing Support
Through Au-Ve-Co, Industrial Finishes offers a complete clip and fastener profit system to our customers. Our experts will install clip and fastener cabinets and help you manage your inventory and stocking levels. We’ll make sure to educate your staff as to both the value of clips and fasteners and the best way to turn those into dollars from your customers’ insurance providers. If you are not already utilizing a clip and fastener system, doing so is an attractive way to add profit dollars to your shop.


A bumper clip might cost as little as 60 cents. It may not seem like a big deal to lose track of one or two. However, if your shop averages $10,000 worth of paint purchases monthly, you are likely purchasing around $400 of clips each month. That’s $4,800 worth of clips purchased annually.

Insurance companies will pay you for specialty parts such as clips and fasteners. The $4,800 you spent on clips could potentially be billed to insurance providers at $12,000, returning up to a $7,200 profit to your shop!

That’s a lot of change to find
between your sofa cushions!

Why Choose Au-Ve-Co from Industrial Finishes?

  • Dedicated service
  • One stop supplier, One account manager
  • Less on-site inventory (local supply)
  • Same or next day delivery (Only replenish the items that you need)
  • IF-provided files to upload associated products into the database
  • CCC integration
  • Profit center for your shop!


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