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…welcomes old and new faces to the automotive industry with the increase in students attending this year’s Automotive Restoration Summer Institute.

McPherson College is an exception to all other colleges because it is the only institution to offer a four-year bachelor’s degree in automotive restoration. Though there are few that have the time and the resources to attend MC and complete the bachelor’s program, the summer institutes give teenagers and retirees alike the chance to hone in on paint restoration, electrical systems, engine and upholstery repair skills.

The college partners with the REVS program at Stanford University to allow for Stanford students to further their automotive expertise. With the return of two Stanford students building a self-driven car, 120 other students were accepted into the prestigious MC program this summer.

Industrial Finishes recognizes the hard work and talent of the McPherson Automotive Restoration Institute students and encourage young and old alike to pursue their passions in the automotive industry.

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Story contributed by Emily Brown