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ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT STEPS IN THE PAINTING PROCESS IS CHECKING FOR COLOR ACCURACY. In order for technicians to accurately match a color, it is highly recommended to spray out the color prior to painting the car. Sprayout cards should be available and ready to use anytime, anywhere. Building a personal sprayout library is a valuable tool in every technician’s toolbox as it is sprayed by their hand, with their spray gun, in their environment.

PPG offers shades of gray sprayout cards that can be ordered with the following part numbers:
• ARMC464G1
• ARMC464G3
• ARMC464G5
• ARMC464G6
• ARMC464G7

Make sure you write the necessary details on the back of your sprayout cards such as vehicle make, model, and OEM code for future reference.

More importantly, be sure to save your sprayout cards to create an awesome color reference library! A 2-ring storage binder is available to help you organize these. Use part number DOX446. These will help you in the future save time and money and avoid any unnecessary waste of paint.

Following these simple steps will consistently insure a productive and successful paint job!

Article Courtesy of PPG Automotive Refinish