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Industrial Finishes and Systems stands on the core values of
integrity, honesty, truthfulness, commitment and the motto,

“What Would Jesus Do?”

With the commitment not only to serve customers and the community with exceptional service, Industrial Finishes desires to serve Jesus Christ above all.

Industrial FinishesStuart Barr, owner and founder, knows running a business isn’t easy, but with faith and trust in the Lord it is simpler.

“Sometimes struggles come and the accounts fail and you may lose money, but because you were trusting Christ you discover there were better things and lessons to be learned,” Barr said.

Industrial Finishes hasn’t always been a business based upon Christ.

“I didn’t have any spiritual goals when I started the company,” Barr said.

After giving his life to the Lord in 1972, Barr sat down with his employees and discussed the new way of business – God’s way. What was logical in the business world wasn’t always the road Industrial Finishes took.

“I was going to run the business the way the Bible would say to run a business. I didn’t know what that meant at the time, I just told them that is what was going to happen,” Barr said.

The company had a fresh start with new values beginning in 1972. With constant prayer and trust placed in Christ, the company has excelled and remained true to the founding core values, just with a more Christ-centered focus.

Barr’s commitment to the Lord and the company is evident,

“We haven’t arrived [as a company],” Barr said. “We have struggles and we have to pray about things. The company belongs to the Lord, we’re just along for the ride.”

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